Our Story

Bryan has always been the families go to guy. Being a home inspector uses his skill set of  identifying problems and solving them whether it's construction or mechanical in nature. Providing Home Inspections to our clients is a natural progression in Bryan's professional goal to be involved in helping others make wise investments in their home.

About Bryan

When you live in one particular area most of your life, you get to know every last detail about it really well. I’ve lived in SW Washington all my adult life building a family. I’m proud to say that my wife Pam and I have been blessed with 4 wonderful daughters that have introduced us to 4 awesome son-in-laws and 5  grandchildren with more to come. My life is full with family and Pacific NW living. This is such a beautiful area and one I take pride in.

My passion in home inspection is providing a service to insure your home is a safe and sound investment. I ask and listen to my clients attentively to address any concerns they may have so I can provide a tailored inspection that goes beyond the state of  Washington’s minimum.

To me it’s more than another home inspection because I know it’s more than a new house but a home for my clients.

Meet Your Team

Our goal is to provide you insight into a house so you can make an informed decision on purchasing your future home.


Pam and Bryan Crisp


Living  in the Pacific NW for over 30 years collecting experience in remodeling, millwright, investments, financing, and education.

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